January 10th, 2018, and I’m in the car, coming home from work. It’s usually when I get my (arguably) best thinking done. On this particular day, for no particular reason, I have an urge to re-commit to cycling and losing weight. Don’t know why, but it’s definitely there.

I get in the door, and just as I’m telling my wife I get a message from her brother with a link to the “Paris2Nice getting involved” page, a simple one-liner “I’d like to do it”. As soon as I showed the message to Miriam, without blinking she said: “do it”.

Fast forward over 6 months and we’re less than 8 weeks from rolling out in Paris. I’ll cover various things in more detail in later posts, but today I just want to set the framework for the training that has occurred so far and the plan for the final few weeks.

As with all these things, that weekend I went out for my first spin in 18montsh (proceeded to get a chest infection), and by the end of January, I had done my first ever spin with a cycling club (sorry lads, that was walking pace).

Progress really stalled then for a few months, between a few chest infections and blizzards. I had a rough plan of slowly building up my base fitness, with sportives for motivation, but given we’ve a couple of very small kids now, the schedules of a club cycle aren’t of interest to toddlers, so I’ve just been training solo.
As I said, I had planned on doing a few sportives. The very first one, the SRAC in April I couldn’t even make the start line because of another chest infection, but even if I didn’t have that excuse I would have struggled to make it around.

Next up, and probably the most daunting, was the Wicklow 100. I’ll do a full post on that later, but suffice to say, having only done a 55km prior to that this year, and with very few hills, it was a hard day. But having suffered through it was a massive psychological boost, it really helped to kick on the training.

My most recent event has been the Glin Knights sportive (again, I’ll do a post on that later), but another good morale booster, even if I ran out of steam towards the end.

I’m looking to do at least one more sportive (probably the Ring of North Kerry), perhaps another if I can find something suitable), and maybe as a final spin before tapering at the start of September, a ring around Lough Derg.

Anyway, hopefully, this will give some framework to where I am in the buildup to Paris2Nice, in the coming weeks and months you will see similar content, as well as more in-depth reviews of the events, as well as some thoughts on gear and nutrition.

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