In this edge-of-the-seat post I’ll just go over what’s in the right bag.


Pretty much the only stuff in this pannier are (off the bike)  clothes and toiletries. We’re only doing a week, and staying mainly in B&Bs, so I’m bringing the following:

  • 2 x t-shirts
  • 1 x pair shorts
  • 1 x hoodie
  • 3 x pairs boxers
Cycling clothes include:
  • 3 x cycling jersey  (2 should be enough, but can always use 1 if it’s
  • 2 x pairs cycling shorts
  • 3 x pairs socks
Basically the thinking behind this amount is that we can wash things as maybe every second night. Plus, if we’re really lacking in things we can just buy stuff, but that shouldn’t be necessary. And there’s no real point in listing toiletries, but again to save weight I just bought the smaller travel sized ones in the local pharmacy (the folding tooth brush is very handy).
Saddle Bag
this is the same bag I use all the time, but no harm to list the contents. When it comes to buying gear I prefer to pay the extra and get gear that that’s good quality, especially with tools.:
Inner tubes, saddle bag, Park tyre levers, Park multi-tool, patches, cash and spare cable ties.
  • 2 x schwalbe inner tubes
  • Park I-Beam multi tool (light but feels solid)
  • Park tyre levers & patches
  • Spare cash (just enough for a phone call or emergency
  • And an inhaler (breathing is one of those things that are useful when cycling)
  • Few small cable ties.
  • And the saddle bag itself is crivit  (bought in Lidl). I had tried a smaller bag before but couldn’t put half of what I needed in. This is cheap and does the trick.
Because I’ll only need the following at night time I’ll stick these in the right pannier as well;
  • iPhone cable and adpater
  • USB cable and charger for Garmin
  • and a small USB battery pack. This can charge off the garmin charger, but will be useful to recharge the iPhone or Garmin on the fly if necessary

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