So, as part of our plans for Mizen to Malin (less than 2 weeks now), we* decided to do a full day spin, on similar roads and with similar mileage as to what we plan for the main trip. And as a final prep we said we’d go with the bags fully loaded.

So the route we chose was around Lough Derg. In theory a nice route, but the initial enthusiasm was dampened firstly by the weather (blustery at times and with the odd very wet shower, but in my case in particular, by stag-night related, um, tiredness! I had planned on taking it easy, but, well…

Anyway, after a slow start (about 11mph for the first hour, and that was when we were moving) we eventually settled into a half decent rythmn. As per usual I was the slowest up the hills, but having the extra weight in the panniers definitely didn’t help (fully loaded the bike is now 20kgs). We eventually plled into Portumna after about 2 & 1/2 hours, where we stopped for a sandwich and coffee. The road out was lovely and flat, and for a while we were able to tip away at 16-17 mph, not bad into a 20mph headwind.

But after another 20 miles the lack of sleep and not enough food on board took a toll, and it was a real effort for me to get into Scarriff. But after more coffee and cake (good timing as there was a torrent of rain while we waited at the garage) we made the last hour handy enough to get back to the cars. And as a brilliant idea, Martin P suggested we go to Goosers for a brilliant feed of bacon and cabbage. Fantastic!

Overall it was a good spin out, well worth while and a good laugh. Physically I’d like to be further along, but we still managed about 14mph, which isn’t bad considering the extra weight on the bikes. The route is lovely, although at places the signposting could be better, and we skipped some of the really scenic bits, just to keep moving. Definitely worth a spin out again in future.

*NB: Some displeasure was expressed that I hadn’t mentioned any names of the rest of the group, so here is a photo of us, after about an hour.

Cycle Tour Around Lough Derg
L-R Donal, Martin O'C, me, Mike, Martin P

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