It’s exactly a year to the day that I first got my bike, so I thought it was fitting that the first post on the site is also today. The main purpose behind the site is as much for myself as anything, to help document the personal journey I’ve been on, and hopefully, someone else out there might get some use out of it.

And it’s been quite an eventful year.  The very first day I took my bike out it took me about half an hour to cover barely 3 miles, and when I got back I could barely talk! But I struggled away over the last year, and with a lot of encouragement, I’ve managed to do my first couple of events, culminating in the 112 mile Ring of Kerry at the weekend. Granted, I didn’t set any world records, and I absolutely suck at climbing.

In the future, there will be mainly reviews of things I use, along with details of events and tours I’ve done, and other bits & pieces.

And as a final note it was Phils Road Blog that gave me the idea to do this, so chapeau to Phil.

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