Between the hangover and infection, I wasn’t feeling 100% when I got up. But once I saw the state of the 2 lads who stayed in my sister’s house morale quickly improved! Understandably it was a slow enough start, but the spin to Tarbert to get the ferry was lovely, good way to blow out the cobwebs and a chance to catch up on the previous few days.

We made a good pace to the ferry almost 16 mph and had a few minutes to kill waiting for the next one. The journey over was fairly uneventful, although there was an unsuccessful attempt to mount the ferry initially (we won’t mention names, but someone’s wheel hit a wet, steel plate in the concrete and there was a fall). Fortunately there was no injury, unfortunately, I was the only person to not see it!

Looking at the sea in Lahinch

And given the previous fall, and the very steep ramp on the other side of the ferry, we were all a bit nervous cycling off, especially with all the staff watching, waiting for a repeat performance.  But a bit of momentum, and up out of the saddle and we were off. Lovely spin to Kilkee, but by the time we arrived there everybody was knackered. We had coffee and sandwiches overlooking the beach, but given that we took over an hour, it meant that by the time we left after 2 o’clock we had only around 30 miles done. But the weather in the afternoon was the best in the week, the scenery was stunning and morale was good.

The only thing I was concerned about was that the map showed a Cat 4 climb into the Cliffs of Moher, but since none of could remember a climb we dismissed it. Oh, it was a climb alright! Not too long, but pretty steep, about 10% or so. Nasty!

Cliffs Of Moher

Once we got to the top we went to the cliff top, just to take in the view and a few pics, then off to enjoy the descent into Doolin.  Once there we were pretty tired after our longest day. So a nice pint in the shade, then checks into the B&B (Cullinans, the restaurant seemed fantastic but was full), before some dinner. Our quietest night of the tour, after some diddly-eye Oirish music, we were back in bed at the earliest time, just barely after midnight.

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