With less than a week to go (I’m writing this on Sunday night, and the flight to Paris is Friday), I just wanted to pick up the cadence of a few blogs about the experience.

In particular, my last Paris2Nice blog was about 5 weeks ago, and at that, it was about the Wicklow 100, which was back in July.  So this week my plan is to get a few posts out, covering:

  • Goals – Missed and Met (this post)
  • Training after the W100
  • Final logistics


Obviously, my 2018 goal is next weeks Paris2Nice, with my long-term goal being an overall improvement in health and some weight loss in particular. And of course, the main aim of Paris2Nice is to help raise funds for charity, in my case CMRF Crumlin.

I knew from Mizen to Malin that I would need to start ramping up long distance spins, with having a few 120km spins completed by August (that being the average distance in P2N).  However, I also knew that given personal circumstances, that there would always be hiccups along the way. But if I could keep doing some training, even if only an hour herer and there, it would stand to be to be much better than just one long spin every couple of weeks.

For once, I actually also set some targets that I could measure against.

  1. The minimum fundraising target is €3,000. As it stands I’m at just over €3,500 and hope to lodge another €900 this week.  (Of course, feel free to donate if you haven’t already. Or even if you have…)
  2. 3000km distance in training. I’m just at 2,800, so a fraction shy, but all things considered I came pretty close, especially having lost a few weekends to events outside of my control. Putting in the effort to do even 20km spins during lunch breaks helped close the gap, so I’m pretty happy about that.
  3. 30kg weight loss. This was always going to be the hardest goal, and to be honest, unrealistic in the time frame. But having said that, I have dropped 12kg in about 12 weeks, so I’m very happy with that. Another 5kg wouldn’t have hurt, but I think where I am is quite sustainable (more on this in a future post).


The exciting thing about all of this is not just that I’m making progress, but I’m really enjoying being on the bike.  The 12kg is just a beginning, and I’m already looking forward to doing more events next year. What I found is that before I always used big events as the actual goal itself. Now, however, I’m already planning on sportives early 2019, even having a bucket list of events in years down the road.

Keeping It Real

Of course, while I’m excited and optimistic about next week, I’m also trying to not get complacent about 700km in 6 days!

As the saying goes “the riders make the race”. In other words, the pace we do each day will help determine how we find it. Especially on the first day, where it’s relatively flat, there s always the fear that we would begin too fast, and burn out later on in the week. Of course, go too slow and it makes for long days in the bike, and without a challenge, there’s no sense of achievement. What’s really helping though is having spoken to both organisers, and Paris2Nice alumni alike, it sounds like we’ll be able to find a group that’s at a comfortable pace.

Stayed tuned for more posts prior to jetting off!



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