So, it’s about 2 & 1/2 weeks to go and we’re in to the home straight for preparations for our cycle tour from Mizen Head (southerly most point of Ireland) to Malin Head (Most northerly point).  There are 4 of us doing it, and for at least 2 of us it will be a fairly big challenge, because of extra weight being carried (although the other lad is melting it off a fast pace!)

I think logistically we’re in good enough shape, although we still haven’t figured out exactly how we’re getting home from north Donegal! Our plan is to cover the (roughly) 450 miles in 7 days on the road. But because we’re aiming to start after lunch on the first day and finish early on the last day (rugby to be watched),  our daily goal will be around 75 miles. And to try to make it as scenic as possible we will be going a slightly longer route, but because of a wedding before the first day we will be skipping out some of the route around Westport. But still we should definitely have a decent time with the route we’ve planned

I’m still worried about my fitness, I had hoped to be a couple of stone lighter by this stage, and the weight is definitely going to be a big hindrance in the hills. Also I’m not getting out much mid-week but at this stage there isn’t much that can be done. And of course in the next few weeks there is a flurry of stag parties and weddings, so it’s not just bike stamina that will be tested!

But the sun is shining here at the minute, so 2 of us are going to have a spin this evening.We’ll load the bikes with roughly the gear we will be using on the M2M run (we’ll be staying in B&Bs etc, so hopefully not too much gear will be needed), and hopefully get 30 miles in tonight.

The weekend is designated for training and planning so on Saturday we’ll try another 70 as a final shakedown, and depending on hangovers etc Sunday we’ll aim for 40-50 miles. And we plan to finalize the second half of the route Saturday night (the first half was easy enough be cause we’re all from the area).  By the time we’re finished at the weekend hopefully all the gear will be broken in (so far I’m do only one with any mileage with the panniers, and at that it was only 50 miles with a very light load), and we should have a better idea of our fitness with a one day ride behind us.

Here’s hoping for a month long heatwave!

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