This blog is by a very amateur Irish cyclist, who’s trying to lose a bit of weight and has strong, but usually incorrect, opinions on a wide range of topics.

Thoughts are likely not my own, but let’s pretend they are.

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  1. Hi! I noticed I was on your blogroll – thanks for the support. I’m curious what cycling in Ireland is like – how is the terrain, what is the touring culture? I’d love to visit and tour through Ireland one day. My fiancee (and I) have Irish heritage, but her family keeps good contact with those who still live there.

    1. Hi portajohn!
      Cheers for dropping by!

      I’m really new to cycling, so by no means an expert. But Ireland is definitely a good spot for touring, especially if you only have a week or 2.

      I’ll start with a few (minor) negatives. The terrain isn’t too bad, no really bad climbs (although there are a few 15-20% that randomly appear that “real” cyclists don’t even mention!). I absolutely hate climbs, but most are long, drags rather than steep Alpine like climbs. Most roads are ok surface wise, although they can be very bad in places (like where I’m from). The biggest issue is that most of the roads you wan to cycle on (ie scenic) are narrow (by American standards).

      The weather/rain is probably the biggest drawback, but having said that I actually find that I get wet a lot less than I would expect.

      But overall I would really recommend a tour around here. Any of the coastal areas really, West Cork, Kerry, Clare Galway are all stunning, but sometimes the “touristy” areas are worth avoiding if possible. I haven’t cycled in the North, but driving the Antrim coast it looks like stunning bike country as well.

      That week tour we did last year was definitely one of the best ever holidays I had, a bike is a great way to enjoy the country, even if you’ve only 2-3 days. If you have any specific questions or are looking for any suggestions, just shoot me an email and I’ll try to help!

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