Luckily enough, weightless can be thought of very simply
Calories burned > Calories taken in.
Over the course of the year I’ve lost about 17 kgs (approx 38lbs), in preparation for the Paris2Nice cycle in the short-term, but of course, the main objective is long-term health.
A normal male (and, at m ideal” balanced weight I’m pretty normal), in the course of a day basic tasks (breathing, sleeping, moving) will burn about 2,500 calories.  In order to lose 1 pound of weight, it costs approx 3,500 calories. So, if you only take in 2,000 calories a day, instead of 2,500, over the course o a week you will average 1 lb o weight loss a week. (or, I yo were to eat 2,500 calories, but burn another 500 calories, it would have the same effect).  If you make that a 1,000 calorie deficit then that would be 2 lbs a week, (almost 1 kg) and so on.
Typical disclaimer, I’m not a trained professional, and I don’t even play one on the Internet. All the below is just what I found helped me.
I’m going to go into more topics in future, but below are some of the tips I consider low-hanging fruit to get started with weight-loss. If you follow all of these you may not hit the 1 kg a week weight-loss (anything more than that isn’t really sustainable anyway), but they certainly helped get me on my way.

1. Don’t eat anything after 8 p.m.

(Big thing for us, Netflix time after the kids went to bed often included Pringles/crisps/chocolates!) I’m pretty certain this one tip was probably worth 5 kg on its own across the year

2. Porridge (Oatmeal) for breakfast.

I was never a big fan before, but now it’s my favourite breakfast. I use milk to make mine, and add in things like bananas/cinnamon/honey/agave/maple syrup. It’s great especially before a long spin

3. Only Black Coffee & Tea.

No milk, no sugar. One of my “treats” was to go Starbucks and get something with loads of cream/syrups/etc that vaguely resembled a beverage. Now I go for the low-calorie option, and my espresso’s now even helping boost my metabolism when fasting (which I’ll talk about in future).

4. Fasted exercise.

Basically, before breakfast do some light exercise. This helps to get the metabolism going, and has been proven to boost fat loss. An easy 1-hour spin (perhaps a commute) is perfect.

5. Use a single 2-litre bottle to track water usage through the day.

I found that trying to keep track of glasses just wasn’t feasible. Whereas if I have a full 2L bottle of water over the course of the day, I know whether I’m on track or not. Water not only helps stave off hunger but when exercising it’s vital to stay hydrated. And of course, a key component in the process of fat-burning is actually water

6. Treat yo’self!

Of course, per my first point, cutting out junk food (including beer) is massively important, not just for weight-loss, but for improved athletic performance, as well as for general health. That being said, it’s also important to make changes that are sustainable. So 2 things that I have added to my diet include Lindt Dark chocolate (I have a couple of squares of the sea salt one whenever I have a craving for chocolate). Another thing I’ve done, is I’ve replaced approx. 10 cans of Coke Zero per week with sparkling water. Not only do I find this helps keep me hydrated, but the sparkling water also helps fill me up even more.
Stay tuned for more topics!

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