Last night 2 of us did our first spin with the bikes fully loaded (racks and about 7kg in the panniers, basically what we plan on taking with us for Mizen to Malin). Considering the sun had been splitting the stones all day and was quite humid we thought a nice easy 30 mile spin, just to get used to extra was a plan.

Of course the heavens opened just before we started! While baking and accelerating were quite tricky and over average speed was a lot lower than expected (given how flat the course was), overall it’s not too bad with the extra weight. Braking was basically non existent, but I think that was mainly due to the amount of rain. Also having to wear glasses was a real pain, I spent a lot of the spin not having great visibility, prob a bit late to try to get used to contacts again.

In the end we turned back after about 10 miles, just because we were spending so much time standing under trees, out of the rain. The good news is the panniers are waterproof, the bad news is even though it’s the middle of winter we will definitely need nearly all our wet weather gear!

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